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CLAT Seats 2024: Aspirants preparing for the CLAT examination should familiarize themselves with the CLAT 2024 seat matrix provided by the national law universities (NLUs) and be aware of any CLAT reservation policies. The total number of seats available for CLAT 2024 admission is 4616. The examination involves 24 NLUs, collectively offering 3,243 seats for undergraduate law programs and approximately 1,373 seats for LLM programs. Scheduled for December 3, 2023, the Common Law Admission Test has its admit cards released on November 21.

CLAT Seats 2024 – Overview

The distribution of CLAT 2024 seats in NLUs is categorized based on various reservation policies. Many universities implement domicile reservations, which means a portion of the total CLAT seats is reserved for candidates from the state or region. Consequently, there are fewer seats available for candidates from other parts of India. Additionally, there are reservations for OBC, SC, and ST categories. The CLAT also includes EWS reservation for individuals with lower income levels, ensuring a fair and inclusive allocation of seats across different sections of society. Aspiring candidates should be aware of these reservation policies while preparing for the CLAT examination.

CLAT 2024 Seats Highlights
Particulars Number of CLAT UG Seats CLAT PG
CLAT Total seats 3243 1373

CLAT Seats 2024 for 5-year LLB Programmes

Following the announcement of CLAT 2024 results, NLUs grant admission to candidates depending on seat availability. The CLAT 2024 seats also have a state quota through domicile reservations, prioritizing candidates from the state where a specific NLU is situated. To understand the distribution of CLAT seats in 2024 across different NLUs, candidates can refer to the table below, which outlines the allocation on an NLU-wise basis.

CLAT 2024 Seats for 5-year LLB Programmes
NLUs Courses UG Intake Domicile %
NLSIU Bengaluru BA LLB (Hons) 300 25%
NALSAR Hyderabad BA LLB (Hons) 132 25%
WBNUJS Kolkata BA LLB (Hons) 132 33%
NLIU Bhopal BA LLB (Hons), B.Sc LLB, LLM 202 (BA LLB 134, B.Sc LLB 68) 50%
NLU Jodhpur BA LLB (Hons) 120 25%
HNLU Raipur BA LLB (Hons) 180 50%
GNLU Gandhinagar BA LLB(Hons.),BCom LLB(Hons.),BSc LLB (Hons.), BBA LLB(Hons), BSW LLB(Hons) 172 (total seats for all the courses) 25%
GNLU Silvassa Campus BA LLB (Hons) 66 25%
RMLNLU Lucknow BA LLB (Hons) 169 45%
RGNUL Patiala BA LLB (Hons) 180 10%
CNLU Patna BA LLB (Hons), BBA LLB (Hons) 138( 69 seats each for BA LLB and BBA LLB 50%
NUALS Kochi BA LLB (Hons) 60 49%
NLUO, Odisha, Cuttack BA LLB (Hons), BBA LLB (Hons) 180 (BA LLB 120, BBA LLB 60) 25%
NUSRL Ranchi BA LLB (Hons) 134 50%
NLUJA Assam, Guwahati BA LLB (Hons) 60 50%
DSNLU Visakhapatnam BA LLB (Hons) 138 48%
TNNLU Tiruchirappalli BA LLB (Hons), B.Com LLB (Hons) 120 (BA LLB 60 , B.Com LLB 60) 48%
MNLU Mumbai BA LLB (Hons) , BBA LLB (Hons) 100 62%
MNLU Nagpur BA LLB (Hons) , BBA LLB (Hons) 120 (BA LLB 60, BBA LLB 60) 62%
MNLU Aurangabad BA LLB (Hons) , BBA LLB (Hons) 120 (BA LLB 60, BBA LLB 60) 62%
HPNLU Shimla BA LLB (Hons) , BBA LLB (Hons) 120 (BA LLB 60, BBA LLB 60) 25%
DNLU Jabalpur BA LLB (Hons) 120+14 superannuary seats 50%
DBRANLU, Sonipat, Haryana BA LLB (Hons) 120 25%
NLUT Agartala BA LLB (Hons) 60 30%
Total   3243

CLAT LLM 2024 Seats

Here is the well described CLAT LLM 2024 seats listed below, candidates can check the same over here:

CLAT LLM 2024 Seats
NLUs PG Intake Domicile%
NLSIU Bengaluru 120 25%
NALSAR Hyderabad 66 25%
WBNUJS Kolkata 100 33%
NLIU Bhopal 60 50%
NLU Jodhpur 50 25%
HNLU Raipur 90
GNLU Gandhinagar 57 25%
GNLU Silvassa Campus 33 25%
RMLNLU Lucknow 48 50%
RGNUL Patiala 60
NUALS Kochi 60 49%
NLUO, Odisha, Cuttack 50 25%
NUSRL Ranchi 60 50%
NLUJA Assam, Guwahati 40 50%
DSNLU Visakhapatnam 69
TNNLU Tiruchirappalli 60+3 superannuary seats 50%
MNLU Mumbai 50 66%
MNLU Nagpur 60 62%
MNLU Aurangabad 60 62%
HPNLU Shimla 80 25%
DNLU Jabalpur 50+7 superannuary seats 50%
DBRANLU, Sonipat, Haryana
NLUT Agartala 50 30%
Total 1373

Categories of Seat Distribution in CLAT 2024

The distribution of total seats in CLAT 2024 is based on various reservation categories. The seat matrix for CLAT 2024 includes provisions for:

  1. Scheduled Tribe (ST)
  2. Scheduled Caste (SC)
  3. Other Backward Categories (OBC)
  4. State Quota for candidates in the NLU’s location
  5. Physically Disabled Candidates (PwD)
  6. Foreign National Candidates/NRI
  7. Kashmiri Migrants
  8. Candidates from the North Eastern States

Key Information about CLAT 2024 Seats:

  • The seat allotment in CLAT 2024 occurs in three rounds.
  • Upon receiving an NLU allotment, candidates must pay a counseling fee of Rs. 30,000 to secure the allocated seat.
  • Failure to deposit the counseling fee results in the forfeiture of candidature, and names are removed from the CLAT 2024 merit list.
  • Withdrawal after the specified date does not result in a refund of the deposited amount by NLUs.
  • If a candidate is on the waiting list and does not secure a seat due to unavailability, the fee is refunded.
  • Upon final allocation, candidates must report to the respective NLU, complete admission formalities by paying the balance fees, and submit original certificates.

CLAT Seat Allotment 2024

The Consortium of NLUs is expected to initiate the allotment of CLAT seats for 2024 approximately one month after the exam date. The seat allotment process for CLAT 2024 will occur in multiple rounds. Following each round, the consortium will publish a list of vacant CLAT seats. Students will be assigned seats based on their merit ranks in the CLAT 2024 entrance exam. Throughout the CLAT seat allotment process, candidates will have the option to choose between “free,” “float,” or “exit,” allowing them flexibility in selecting and securing their preferred seats.

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CLAT Seats 2024 FAQs

What is the basis for allotting seats in CLAT 2024?

Seats in CLAT 2024 are allotted based on candidates’ merit ranks obtained in the CLAT entrance exam.

When does the Consortium of NLUs start the seat allotment process for CLAT 2024?

The seat allotment for CLAT 2024 is tentatively scheduled to begin approximately one month after the exam.

How many rounds of seat allotment are conducted for CLAT 2024?

Multiple rounds of seat allotment are held during the CLAT 2024 admission process.

What options do candidates have during CLAT 2024 seat allotment?

Candidates can choose between “free,” “float,” or “exit” options, providing flexibility in seat selection.

Is there a refund for candidates on the waiting list if they don’t secure a seat in CLAT 2024?

Yes, candidates on the waiting list who do not secure a seat due to unavailability will receive a refund of their fee.


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