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IIT Delhi CAT Cut Off 2023

IIT Delhi CAT Cut Off 2023: IIT Delhi’s Department of Management Studies (DMS) grants admission to its MBA and MBA-Telecom programs based on CAT scores. For eligibility in IIT Delhi’s MBA program, a minimum CAT score of 90 percentile is required.

The admission process for IIT Delhi’s MBA involves considering candidates’ CAT scores, followed by a Written Ability Test (WAT) and Personal Interview (PI). This procedure commences right after the announcement of CAT results. Applicants are evaluated for WAT-PI based on the CAT cutoff percentile set for the academic year. This article provides details about the following.

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IIT Delhi CAT Cut Off 2023

The official DMS-IIT Delhi CAT Cut Offs for 2024 have not been released yet. However, it’s anticipated that they might be similar to the previous year’s cutoffs. To progress to further stages, candidates should surpass the minimum cutoffs in CAT 2023’s sectional percentile ranks, overall percentile rank, and achieve a positive raw score (greater than zero) in all CAT-2023 sections. This ensures consideration for subsequent stages of the admission process.

Category Section-1 VARC

Cut Off

Section-2 DILR

Cut Off

Section-3 Quant

Cut Off

Overall CAT 2023

percentile cut off

General (Open) 80 80 80 90
NC-OBC 72 72 72 81
SC 53 53 53 60
ST 53 53 53 60
PWD 53 53 53 60

IIT Delhi CAT Cut Off 2022

IIT Delhi’s MBA cut offs are typically set at a high level. Similar to IIMs, IITs also establish two types of CAT cutoffs: qualifying and final. The qualifying cutoffs for IIT Delhi MBA CAT will be declared prior to the CAT 2022 result, while the final cutoffs will be available when filling out the shortlist form.

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It’s important to note that the qualifying and final cutoffs for IIT MBA differ. Generally, the qualifying CAT cutoff hovers around 90 percentile (for the General category), while the final cutoff is usually set at 97–98 percentile at IIT Delhi. Below, you’ll find the expected qualifying CAT 2022 cutoffs for IIT Delhi’s MBA program:

Category CAT percentile


GEN 90
OBC 81
SC 60
ST 60
PWD 60

IIT Delhi CAT Cut Off 2021

For the MBA 2021 admission batch, the IIT Delhi CAT cutoff for the general category ranged from 97 to 98 percentile. You can find below the qualifying cutoffs categorized by different groups:

Category CAT percentile


GEN 90
OBC 81
SC 60
ST 60
PWD 60

Previous years’ IIT Delhi CAT Cut Offs

IIT Delhi CAT Cut Offs aren’t publicly disclosed, but Shiksha has acquired IIT Delhi CAT Cut Offs for the last five years using the Right to Information (RTI) method. The IIT Delhi-DMS Cut Offs (overall) for the years 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, and 2014 are provided below:

Category/Year 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014
Gen 95.01 87.96 89.96 90.00 98.20
OBC 86.38 87.96 79.30 90.00 94.03
SC 67.61 87.96 65.63 80.00 89.30
ST 60.90 87.96 63.55 75.00 73.37
PWD 77.74 87.96 84.79 75.00 90.66

Selection Process for IIT Delhi MBA Admission

The IIT Delhi MBA Selection Process consists of three distinct stages:

Stage 1: Screening Based on CAT Score In the initial stage, candidates are assessed through their CAT score. To move forward, candidates should achieve a minimum of 90 percentile overall and 80 percentile in each section of the CAT exam.

Stage 2: WAT-PI Round Chosen candidates proceed to the Written Ability Test and Personal Interview (WAT-PI) round. This round occurs in various cities including Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, and Delhi during February-March.

Stage 3: Final Selection Criteria The third stage involves the final selection process. This encompasses a holistic evaluation of CAT scores, academic performance, including graduation, Class 12, and Class 10 marks, as well as the performance in WAT-PI. Other significant factors include academic diversity, work experience, and the Statement of Purpose.

The ultimate list of candidates granted admission is compiled based on the combined consideration of these factors.

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IIT Delhi CAT Cut off FAQs

What is IIT Delhi CAT Cut off?

IIT Delhi CAT Cut off is the minimum CAT percentile required to be considered for the MBA admission process at IIT Delhi.

How can I check IIT Delhi CAT Cut offs?

You can check the IIT Delhi CAT Cut offs, categorized by different groups, on official sources like Shiksha or through RTI.

What’s the selection process based on IIT Delhi CAT Cut off?

The selection process involves three stages: Screening based on CAT score, WAT-PI round, and final selection based on CAT score, academics, WAT-PI performance, work experience, and Statement of Purpose.

What CAT percentile is required for IIT Delhi MBA eligibility?

Generally, a minimum overall percentile of 90 and 80 percentile in each CAT section is needed to be eligible for the WAT-PI round.

When is the WAT-PI round held after IIT Delhi CAT Cut off?

The WAT-PI round is typically conducted in February-March in various cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, and Delhi.


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