West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee

West Bengal’s Mamata Banerjee Injured: A Look into the Incident


West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee Injured After Fall: What Happened?

Health Update on West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee: SSKM Hospital Director Manimoy Bandyopadhyay reports on the condition of Mamata Banerjee, who experienced a fall near her residence on March 14, resulting in a significant cut on her forehead and nose.

SSKM Director Bandyopadhyay Confirms Discharge of West Bengal CM Mamata After Treatment Mamata Banerjee, admitted to the hospital following a fall near her residence, has been successfully treated and discharged, as per SSKM Director Bandyopadhyay’s statement to the press on Thursday.

The director of the hospital shared additional details, stating that the doctors had to give her three stitches on her forehead and one on her nose.

The West Bengal Chief Minister arrived at our hospital around 7.30 pm today. She had fallen near her home due to an unexpected push from behind. She suffered a cerebral concussion and had deep cuts on her forehead and nose, which were bleeding heavily,” the director explained.

He further stated, “At first, the Head of Neurosurgery, Head of Medicine, and our institute’s cardiologist evaluated her, as it was crucial to stabilize her vital signs. She received three stitches on her forehead and one on her nose, and the necessary dressing was applied. Various tests, including an ECG and CT scan, were conducted. The medical team provided their professional opinion on this matter.”

He mentioned that she returned home while the chief minister was recommended to stay in the hospital.

“Although we advised her to stay for observation, she opted to go home. She will be closely monitored and follow the treatment plan as the team of doctors suggested. She will be re-evaluated tomorrow, and the future course of treatment will be determined based on that assessment.”

Earlier today, the All India Trinamool Congress (AITC) reported that Banerjee had suffered a ‘severe injury.’ Photos of Mamata in her hospital bed, showing a deep gash on her forehead and blood streaming down her face, were also shared by the AITC.

“The chairperson of our party, Mamata Banerjee, has suffered a severe injury. We request you to keep her in your prayers,” read the post and accompanying pictures shared by the Trinamool Congress on platform X.

After announcing her injury, various political leaders expressed their wishes for her quick recovery and good health.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi extended his wishes for her speedy recovery. “I hope for Mamata Didi’s swift recovery and the best of health,” PM Modi shared on platform X. Congress MP Rahul Gandhi also expressed his wishes on platform X, writing, “Here’s to Mamata-ji’s strength and a very speedy recovery.”

India Today Report

The incident sparked widespread concern across the state. Trinamool Congress General Secretary Abhishek Banerjee and other party leaders were spotted at the healthcare facility.

Hospital Flooded With Well-Wishers For Ailing Chief Minister

A large crowd had assembled at the hospital to inquire about the Chief Minister’s health status.

Political leaders from various parties expressed their wishes for the Chief Minister’s quick recovery. Senior Trinamool leader Sukhendu Sekhar Ray stated that Vice-President Jagdeep Dhankhar, a former West Bengal Governor, had inquired about the Chief Minister’s health and expressed his “deep concern, wishing her a speedy recovery”.

The State BJP president, Sukanta Majumdar, also wished her a quick recovery. He posted on platform X, “We are praying for her swift return to good health.”


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