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Structural Engineer Salary – In India, the average salary for a Structural Engineer is around 6.75 lakhs per year, but it can range from 1.2 lakhs to 7.0 lakhs. With experience, the pay may increase. 

The salary for a structural engineer can differ based on the industry they work in. Additionally, their pay is influenced by critical factors like experience, job title, work location, talents, and credentials. We’ll cover every significant factor that affects a structural engineer’s salary in this article.

Structural Engineer Salary

Towers, dams, bridges, buildings, tunnels, and other structures are designed and built by structural engineers. He or she determines the materials needed to build different structures and creates the frameworks, drawings, and specifications for them. A career as a structural engineer requires one to guarantee the security of buildings and other structures in addition to offering advice on how to make those structures safer. 

He or she creates the models with computer-aided design software and monitors the on-site construction. A structural engineer creates and assigns the budget. Along with monitoring the progress of the project and compiling reports, he or she manages the construction workers.

Here are the some highlights of the Structural Engineer Salary-

Structural Engineer Salary Overview

Specifications Details
Salary of a Structural Engineer INR 6.59 LPA
Structural Engineering Salary Per Month INR 2 LPA – INR 10.3 LPA
Structural Engineering Salary Per Hour INR 260
BTech Structural Engineering Salary INR 26,000
Female Structural Engineer Salary in India INR 26 LPA
Structural Engineering Salary in US $94104 per year
Structural Engineering Salary in Canada $88621 per year
Structural Engineering Salary in Kuwait KWD 2,760 per month
Structural Engineering Salary in UK £43,070 per year

Role of Structural Engineers

A structural Engineer is a specialist who designs and builds physical structures like tunnels, buildings, roller coasters, skyscrapers, and bridges. He or she controls the users’ safety and ensures that the structures, or anything else created, functions properly. Making sure that structures like bridges and buildings are stable and shouldn’t collapse is a requirement of working as a structural engineer. 

He or she determines the structures, designs them, and selects the appropriate building materials. A structural engineer examines the building projects, examines the maps, drawings, and data reports.

Working in the construction process is required for a career as a Structural Engineer. It falls within the field of civil engineering. A structural engineer uses computer-aided design software to generate structural models.

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Structural Engineer Salary in India

Due to the constant need in the building industry, structural engineer positions are in high demand in India. Even for freshers or entry-level employees, becoming a structural engineer is one of the most rewarding and difficult careers. 

Structural Engineers – Average Salary in India

Structural engineering is an excellent option for applicants who want to establish an excellent career in the construction sector and are interested in constructing structures and construction activities. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that the area of structural engineering will increase consistently at a rate of 2% by 2029.

In India, the average salary for a structural engineer is ₹7,14,900 LPA. The average additional salary for a Structural Engineer in India is Rs. 55,299, with a range of Rs. 26,633 – Rs. 1,00,820.

Senior Structural Engineer Salary

A Senior Structural Engineer is responsible for designing and developing physical structures such as tunnels and buildings. He or she examines the safety precautions and structural integrity. Using computer-aided design software, he or she creates the structural models while working on the construction project.

Buildings, bridges, and other structures must be designed as part of a structural engineer’s job. His or her job is to use computer-aided design (AutoCAD) software to create 2D and 3D model construction. The construction and design of bridges, culverts, parking garages, retaining walls, building design, building remodeling, and building renovation should be the primary areas of concentration for a senior structural engineer.

The monthly salary of a senior structural engineer in India might vary based on a number of job-related aspects, including the company’s location, the candidates’ skills, talents, qualifications, and topic knowledge, as well as occasional internships. With an average yearly pay of Rs 8.4, the expected average income for a Senior Structural Engineer in India ranges from Rs 4.2 Lakhs to Rs 23.0 Lakhs.

Junior Structural Engineer Salary

A career as a junior structural engineer requires the use of designing software for the purpose of creating, researching, analyzing, and planning structures. It is his or her duty to consider the safety of those who utilize them. It takes a structural engineer to design buildings that won’t collapse. He or she chooses the best materials that are appropriate for the construction.

Designing and examining the task and workers as well as examining data reports, maps, and drawings are all part of the job description for a structural engineer. In addition to planning the necessary safety precautions, he or she must ensure that the structures are secure.  

Junior Structural Engineer salaries in India can vary depending on a variety of work aspects such as the company’s location, the candidate’s abilities, skills, talents, qualifications, and subject knowledge, as well as internships. 

A Junior Structural Engineer pay in India with less than one year of experience to five years ranges from Rs 1.2 Lakhs to Rs 5 Lakhs, with an average yearly compensation of Rs 2.8 Lakhs.

Structural Engineer Salary FAQs

What is the maximum salary for a structural engineer?

The highest-paying Structural Engineer positions can earn up to $165,000 per year. Within the field of civil engineering, structural engineering deals with the planning, building, and maintenance of numerous types of structures.

What is a structural position?

Engineers specializing in structural design, planning, and management create new buildings and bridges as well as modify and expand existing properties and other structures.

Is working as a structural engineer challenging?

A structural engineer needs to be highly skilled at addressing problems and possess an analytical and mathematical mind. Strong interpersonal communication skills, management, and leadership experience are also prerequisites. Strong physics knowledge and mental understanding of three dimensions are necessary for many applications.

Which country has the structural engineers in demand?

Because of the nation’s growing economy, structural engineers are in high demand in Canada. The second-largest country in the world, Canada, is severely lacking in skilled engineers.

What is the structural engineer hourly rate in India?

In India, the average salary for a structural engineer is ₹ 260 per hour, or ₹ 650,000 annually. The starting salary for entry-level jobs is ₹ 347,500 annually, while the average salary for experienced professionals is ₹ 2,157,500 annually.


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