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CAIIB BFM Exam Analysis 2023, 3rd December Exam Review Defence Jobs, Sarkari Jobs

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CAIIB BFM Exam Analysis 2023

CAIIB BFM Exam Analysis 2023

The CAIIB’s Bank Financial Management (BFM) is the 2nd Paper in the curriculum. The upcoming June session for the CAIIB 2023 Exam is scheduled on December 03, 2023. As per candidates, the questions posed in the examination were quite challenging.

The analysis of the CAIIB BFM Exam 2023 holds great significance for aspiring candidates who are preparing for the CAIIB Exam and have aspirations to take the exam in the future.

CAIIB BFM Exam Analysis, 03 December Exam Review

The CAIIB BFM Exam 2023 takes place across the country in three shifts at various centers. Our expert faculty members after communicating with the aspirants has covered the CAIIB BFM Exam Review 2023 on the official YouTube channel “Physics Wallah”.

This comprehensive analysis encompasses the examination’s difficulty level and the specific topics from which questions were drawn. Aspirants can find detailed reviews of all shifts in the provided post for a complete overview of the exam.

CAIIB BFM Exam Analysis 2023: Shift 1

The initial shift of the CAIIB BFM Exam 2023 has concluded, presenting an overall assessment of the exam as ‘Tough’. Notably, there were 10 questions without provided options. The examination encompassed a wide array of topics, some of which are detailed below:

  • Cash Entitlement for Haj/Umrah Travelers: Regarding the full amount of entitlement
  • ($250,000) in cash or as specified by the Haj Committee of India.
  • Variance Definition
  • MRR % in Securitization
  • Leverage Ratio for D-SIB and other banks
  • SWIFT Full Form
  • Cash Management Bills (CMBs)
  • Risks Related to Negative Publicity
  • Numerical Problem on Modified Duration
  • Settlement Date Calculation for TOM deal
  • SMA2 Criteria
  • Volatility Calculation
  • Minimum Retention Requirement (MRR) for Originators of Residential Mortgage Backed Securities

Apart from these, several analytical and case study-based questions were included:

  • PCL Limits Calculation (5 Marks)
  • Operational RWA and Capital Charge (5 Marks)
  • NRO NRE Account Case Study
  • Duration Calculation (5 Marks)
  • Market Risk – Treasury Ops (3 Marks)
  • ALCO & ALM Related Queries (3 Questions)
  • Altman Z Score Minimum Requirement (2 Questions)
  • PCL Drawdown by Exporter Case Study
  • NRO vs. NRE Account Differences
  • Rate of Exchange Fixing Method
  • Risk Concepts: Going Concern, Model Risk, Country Risk Classification
  • Forex Settlement Date Calculation
  • RAROC (Risk-Adjusted Return on Capital)
  • Volatility Impact
  • CRR, SLR Case Study
  • Capital Charge (1 Question)
  • IFSC (1-3 Questions)
  • Bond Face Value
  • Packing Credit Limit
  • Basel 3 Framework
  • Fetters in Banking
  • EDBP Case Study
  • IFSCA (International Financial Services Centre Authority)
  • Expected Loss Calculation
  • Chain Rule Application
  • Types of Risk in Banking
  • Bank Book & Trading Book Distinctions
  • Credit Risk Characteristics
  • Factors Affecting Foreign Exchange Rates
  • Operational RWA & Capital Charge Revisited
  • LRS (Liberalized Remittance Scheme) for Education
  • Case Study on Foreign Exchange
  • DSIB (Domestic Systemically Important Bank) Leverage Ratio
  • EBID Ratio (Earnings before Interest and Depreciation)
  • CMB Amount Computation
  • Understanding Mid Office, Back Office, Front Office in Banks
  • VaR (Value at Risk) Calculation
  • CCB (Capital Conservation Buffer) Numericals
  • Call Option Analysis

This wide-ranging coverage in the exam highlights the diverse and comprehensive nature of the CAIIB BFM Exam 2023, addressing critical aspects of banking, financial management, risk analysis, and regulatory frameworks within the industry.

CAIIB BFM Exam Analysis 2023 FAQs

What is CAIIB BFM Exam Analysis?

CAIIB BFM Exam Analysis is an in-depth review and breakdown of the Bank Financial Management (BFM) exam conducted as part of the Certified Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers (CAIIB) certification. It involves assessing the difficulty level, question patterns, topics covered, and candidate experiences in various exam shifts.

Why is CAIIB BFM Exam Analysis important?

It provides valuable insights for aspirants preparing for future exams, offering an understanding of the exam’s structure, difficulty levels, and crucial topics. This analysis aids in refining study strategies, focusing on key areas, and preparing effectively.

What does CAIIB BFM Exam Analysis include?

Typically, the analysis covers the overall difficulty level of the exam, distribution of questions across topics, specific topics from which questions were asked, noteworthy trends observed, and any unique or challenging aspects encountered by candidates.

Where can I find CAIIB BFM Exam Analysis?

CAIIB BFM Exam Analysis is often shared on educational platforms, forums, or official channels related to banking examinations. It might be available in articles, videos, or detailed posts, breaking down each shift of the exam.

What details are usually covered in the CAIIB BFM Exam Analysis report?

The analysis generally includes a comprehensive breakdown of the types of questions asked, their difficulty levels, weightage given to different sections or topics, numerical or case study-based queries, and overall feedback from candidates.


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