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NLU through CLAT 2024: CLAT 2024 is scheduled for December 3, 2023, to facilitate admissions to 24 NLUs. With an anticipated attendance of around 60,000 candidates, the law entrance exam aims to fill approximately 4,000 seats across NLUs. It’s important to note that not all candidates appearing for the exam can secure a seat in NLUs. There’s no need to be disheartened for those who may not secure admission through CLAT 2024. Several other esteemed law institutes accept CLAT 2024 scores for admissions, providing alternative opportunities for pursuing legal education.

Options for students who do not get admission to NLUs

If you don’t secure admission to a National Law University (NLU) through CLAT, there are still various alternatives to pursue a career in law. Consider these options:

  1. State universities:
    • Many states have their own law universities and colleges offering undergraduate and postgraduate law programs. Explore options in your state and consider applying to these institutions.
  2. Private universities and colleges:
    • Reputable private institutions also provide law programs. Research and identify private universities and colleges offering quality law courses.
  3. Integrated law programs in universities:
    • Some universities offer integrated law programs, combining a Bachelor’s degree in Law (LLB) with another discipline. These programs provide a comprehensive education.
  4. Explore other law entrance exams:
    • Besides CLAT, consider other entrance exams like AILET, SLAT, and LSAT—India. Research and appear for these exams to broaden your chances of admission to a law program.
  5. Specialized law colleges and institutes:
    • Specialized institutions offer niche courses in specific areas of law. Explore these options to find programs aligning with your interests and career goals.

CLAT 2024 Affiliated Colleges

In addition to NLUs, there are 65 other private colleges that accept CLAT 2024 scores. These colleges provide a variety of law programs, including 5-year LLB, 3-year LLB, LLM, and PhD programs. To learn more about these institutions, law aspirants can visit the official websites of these colleges.

List of Colleges and Universities Accepting CLAT 2024 Scores
Sl. No Institute Name Courses Offered
1 Aurobindo Institute of Law, Indore BA LLB, LLB LLM
2 AAFT University, Noida BBA LLB
3 ABBS School of Law, Bengaluru BBA LLB
4 Alliance University, Bengaluru BA LLB, BBA LLB, LLB, LLM
5 Amity University, Noida BA LLB, BBA LLB, B.Com LLB, LLB, LLM
6 Apex University Jaipur BA LLB, LLB, LLM
7 Arka Jain University, Jamshedpur BBA LLB
8 ASBM University, Bhubaneshwar BA LLB, BBA LLB
9 Asian Law College, Noida BA LLB, LLB
10 BITS Law School, Mumbai BA LLB (Hons), BBA LLB (Hons)
11 BML Munjal University, Gurgaon BA LLB (Hons), BBA LLB (Hons), LLB
12 BRCM Law College, Bhiwani, Haryana BA LLB, LLB, LLM
13 DME Law School, Noida BA LLB (Hons), BBA LLB (Hons)
14 SGT University, Gurgaon BA LLB,BBA LLB, LLB, LLM
15 Fairfield School of Law, Delhi BA LLB, BBA LLB, LLM
16 Galgotias University, Noida BA LLB (Hons), BBA LLB (Hons), LLB (Hons)
17 GD Goenka University, Gurgaon BA LLB (Hons), BBA LLB (Hons), B.Com LLB (Hons), LLM
18 Gitam School of Law, Visakhapatnam BA LLB (Hons), BBA LLB (Hons), LLM
19 GLA University, Mathura BBA LLB (Hons), B.Com LLB (Hons), LLM
20 GLS University, Ahmedabad BA LLB, BBA LLB (Hons), LLM
21 Gopal narayan Singh University, Rohtash, Bihar BA LLB, BBA LLB, LLB, LLM
22 Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University BA LLB (Hons), BBA LLB (Hons), LLM
23 Harlal School of Law, Noida BA LLB
24 IAMR Law College, Ghaziabad BA LLB, LLB
25 IILM University, Gurgaon BA LLB (Hons), BBA LLB (Hons), LLM
26 IIM, Rohtak 5 Year Integrated Programme in LAW (IPL)
27 Indore Institute of Law, Indore BBA LLB (Hons) with Global and Transnational Studies, BA LLB (Hons), BBA LLB (Hons), LLB (Hons), LLM
28 Institute of Law, Nirma University, Ahmedabad BA LLB (Hons), B.Com LLB (Hons), LLM
29 IPEM Law Academy, Ghaziabad BA LLB, B.Com LLB, LLB
30 ISBR Law College, Bangalore BBA LLB, LLB
31 ITM University, Raipur BA LLB, BBA LLB, LLM
32 JECRC University, Jaipur BA LLB(Hons), BBA LLB (Hons), B.Sc (Forensic Science) LLB (Hons)
33 JIMS Engineering Management Technical Campus School of Law, Noida BA LLB, BBA LLB
34 Kalinga University, Naya Raipur BA LLB, BBA LLB, LLB,

Top Ranked Colleges Other than NLUs

In addition to the National Law Universities (NLUs), several other law colleges have secured positions among the top law institutions according to the latest NIRF 2023 rankings. The list of these distinguished law colleges, excluding NLUs, is provided below:

Top Law Colleges other than NLUs
Rank College/University Name City Entrance Exam Details
2 National Law University, New Delhi New Delhi AILET 2024
5 Jamia Millia Islamia New Delhi JMI BA LLB 2023
6 Symbiosis Law School Pune SLAT 2024
8 Siksha O Anusandhan Bhubaneswar Siksha O Anusandhan Admissions 2024
11 Saveetha Institute of Medical and Technical Sciences Chennai LSAT India
12 Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology Bhubaneswar KIITEE Law 2024
13 Christ University Bengaluru CULEE 2024
14 Aligarh Muslim University Aligarh AMU BA LLB 2024
15 Shanmugha Arts Science Technology & Research Academy Thanjavur CLAT
16 Lovely Professional University Phagwara LPUNEST 2024 OR LSAT India
17 Indian Law Institute New Delhi ILI CAT 2024 OR LSAT India
19 Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University New Delhi IPU Law Admissions 2024
22 Banaras Hindu University Varanasi CUET BA LLB 2024
26 Army Institute of Law Mohali AIL LET 2024
52 University of Petroleum and Energy Studies Dehradun ULSAT OR CLAT and Class 12 score

Appearing for the CLAT exam again

If candidates do not secure admission to law colleges other than National Law Universities (NLUs), they have the option to consider taking a gap year and aiming for the CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) exam in the subsequent year. It’s essential for candidates not to be disheartened by the initial setback but instead approach the situation with determination and sincerity. Importantly, there is no restriction on the number of attempts for the CLAT exam, providing candidates with multiple opportunities to achieve success.

Candidates are encouraged to view this as a learning experience, analyzing and understanding their mistakes from the previous attempt. To enhance their preparedness, aspiring candidates should engage in thorough and extensive exam preparation. Following CLAT preparation tips is crucial, and a key strategy involves attempting as many previous year question papers of CLAT as possible. This practice not only familiarizes candidates with the exam pattern but also helps in identifying areas that require additional focus and improvement. By adopting a proactive and strategic approach to CLAT preparation, candidates can significantly enhance their chances of success in subsequent attempts.

Note: Physics Wallah offers various CLAT batches to help students prepare for the Common Law Admission Test. LAW CLAT Risers 2024 is designed to boost the preparation of students aiming to excel in the CLAT exam. It provides comprehensive guidance and resources to enhance students’ performance in the exam. Enroll now at the link provided below:

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